FUZIONFIT GT "Group Training"

Warm up with dynamic stretching, Functional Balance, Core, Power Plate Technology, Strength training and Cardio.

Work through varying exercises at your own pace in the uplifting atmosphere that FuzionFit creates for anyone up for the challenge.


Compared to crossfit, FuzionFit Lift offers a similar olympic lifting strategy with awesome functional mobility, dynamic stretching and a promised challenge.


Enrich your cardio training in our brand new Spin Room. Get hyped and push yourself to your best ability.



These classes are a total body challenge! Pohaku Kettlez combiness resistance and cardio for BIG results! Learn to master the Rack, Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch, Tactical Lunge, Figure Eight, Windmill, Turkish get up and more!

This is a great beginner class, as well as long time running favorite. Learn many basic, intermediate and advanced variations of Kettlebell exercises. Work on your technique and master your skill! 


 AERIALS With Heather

Aerial Fabric Basics

(starting Saturday, Sept. 11)

Aerial Fabric is a great way to improve upper body strength, core power, and flexibility. Students will be introduced to climbs, locks, keys and basic progressions.  Each class contains a warm up, fabric skills and technique work,  aerial conditioning, and stretching. 


Aerial Open Gym

Need to work on your straddles?  Perfect your technique?  Determined to get meathooks?  Join us for Aerial Open Gym and work on your skills at your own pace.  Aerial Open Gyms are only available to students who have aerial experience and/or are currently taking aerial classes.  Open trainings are supervised and a coach is available for questions, supervision, and maintaining safety.  $18


What FUZIONFIT Classes are Best for YOU?