Izaak Chapin Tyrrell


Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist

Athletic Background: High School Football and Track & Field, Pole Vault Coach, Stand Up Paddle Racing, Polo

Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Kite Surfing, Home-Improvement

Favorite Food: BBQ, Lumpia, Moms Home Made Blackberry Pie.

Fitness Mantra: Train For The Sport Of Life.

Quote: Work Done In The Gym Will Improve All Aspects Of Life Outside The Gym.


Dae’Shawn Cook



Athletic Background: Basketball, Golf, Boxing, MMA

Favorite Food: Omelette

Fitness Mantra: Go Hard Or Go Home

Quote: “Lets Get It”


EliJah Cline


Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Physical Therapy Clinician

Athletic Background: High School Football Basketball Baseball, Collegiate Basketball, Assistant High School Coach, King K

Hobbies: MC/DJ, Poetry, Hosting Celebrations, Travel, Building+++

Favorite Food: Leafy Greens, Popsicles, Meatsticks

Fitness Mantra: I Can Motivate High Intensity Athletic Routines With The Best, But My Core Belief Is In Preventative Healthcare. Witnessing Progress Is Often Devalued By What People See As Reflections In Mirrors, I Rejoice In Uplifting To Promote Happiness and Make Exercise A Happy Habit. 

Quote: Positive Energy Baby


National Academe of Sports Medicine CPT, National Personal Training Institute CPT, National Association of Sports Nutrition, Master Kettle Bell Instructor, International Kettle bell and Fitness Federation Lvl. 1 and 2, R.I.P.P.E.D. Group Exercises Instructor, Power Plate Lvl. 1,2,3, Advanced and GOLF, TRX Total Body suspension Trainer, TABATA and SPIN.

Athletic BackgroundGymnastics, Cheer leading, Track & Field, Snowboarding

Hobbies: Slack line, Trail running, Hiking

Favorite Food: Thai

Fitness MantraDon't give in, Don't give up. Always remember I BELIEVE in YOU! Sweat like a pig and work like a horse, to feel like a fox!

Quote: Tomorrow starts today. Turn intentions into actions. Find your STRONG. Commit to be FIT. 








Amber Emerzian


Certified CrossFit Level 1 coach, Olympic lifter, Gymnast and Nutrition coach

Athletic background: High school Volleyball, Swimming, AYSO coach, CrossFit and Bodybuilding competitor

Hobbies: Hiking, Surfing, Standup Paddling, Cooking

Favorite Food: Sushi, coconut and anything with dark chocolate

Fitness Mantra: Amber has a passion for guiding clients of all ages to achieve their fitness and health goals is shown through her ability to design an individual approach for each client she trains to maintain as a lifestyle.

Quote: “Healthy is a lifestyle, live it, love it and stay active!”